Who are we?

 We are boardgame fanatics determined to spread the love of boardgames!


Why boardgames?

 Boardgames are fun ways for friends and families to bond! Hours can pass by unnoticed with some good boardgames and company. Most games can be played by all age groups. Everybody can join in on the fun. And some games need some serious wits to win, making victory all the more sweet. So you tell us, why not boardgames?


Aren’t boardgames just for kids?

 These aren’t purely luck based or dice based board games. These boardgames involve a lot of strategic play, unlike games like Monopoly, Ludo, Sequence et cetera, and are meant for young adults and adults. And honestly, can you ever keep an age on having fun?

Are Boardgames good for our health?

 Yes! We could all use a little time away from our phones and enjoy with our friends, family, and even colleagues. Not to mention the fact that playing board games reduces stress and helps in fighting depression. It also speeds up your responses and is recommended by specialists for therapeutic purposes in rehabilitation from accidents and physical injuries.

Are we crazy?



Why are these expensive?

 These are all internationally acclaimed board games that are extremely diverse and contain high quality elements and artwork with excellent durability. You are getting it at the cheapest prices possible in India.